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When there are many employees in a company, it isn’t effortless to manage the HR functions because there involves different excessive documentation and files for the employees. That’s why companies use different online portals to manage HR functions, mainly for providing pay stubs and w2 statements. Medical Staffing Network Healthcare, LLC uses the Doculivery payroll portal for managing HR functions and viewing payroll-related data electronically.

For viewing the payroll-related data,

  1. First, navigate to through your network-connected device.
  2. Provide your User ID and Password properly.
  3. Click on the ‘Log In’ button.

After a successful login attempt, the main screen will appear with different tabs. A list of your pay stubs sorted by date is available under the pay stub tab. Clicking the view icon for a specific date, you can view your pay stubs with detailed information.

Are you a new user?

New users must change the Initial Password after logging in with a User ID and Initial Password.

User ID: Social Security Number (SSN) without dashes.

Initial Password: First 4 letters of your last name and last 4 numbers of SSN (Social Security Number).

Change Initial Password: If you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your Initial Password providing a password-changing screen with proper instructions. So, give the Initial password and create your new and strong password following the requirements and instructions properly from the appearing screen.

Set Up Your Notification Option:

First-time users will be asked to provide an email address. When your pay stub is available on the portal, you will get a notification via email message. You can also set up this setting manually from the notification setting option at any time.

W2 Statements:


But you have to request a copy following this URL: Here you have to provide your name, ZIP Code (that appeared on your last pay stub), and company access code: MSN246.

If you don’t know the ZIP code, it appears on your last pay stub, and you must contact your local MSN branch (


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