Kwik Trip Employee Pay stubs & W2s

Kwik Trip, Inc. is a family-owned chain of convenience stores in the United States retail industry established in 1965 with the first store in Wisconsin. It is unique in the industry by the services and behavior of the employees, customers, co-workers, and suppliers that create a different company environment. It is growing up day by day following the mission to serve the customers and community high-quality products at reasonable prices. Employees can work here on flexible work schedules with different benefits like Profit Sharing, 401k plan, Vision Plan, Paid time off, Life Insurance, Medical, Dental, Disability, Accident & Cancer Insurance, Year-End Bonuses, etc., and many more. Employees working in different locations under Kwik Trip, Inc. can receive electronic pay stubs and w2s statements through the My Apps portal at any time from anywhere using this URL:

In this portal, employees do not need to create an account or complete any registration process. Authority will register you as a user on this portal, and you will be provided the Sign-in credentials as “Username” and “Password.” When you log in, you may be prompted to provide additional information, change your default password, and answer security questions according to the system’s instructions.

Sign in to the portal:

  1. Go to the portal Sign-in page through your network-connected computer using this URL:
  2. Enter your Username. Here, Retail Co-workers have to use the CoWorker Number and Support Center office-associated staff using the normal network login credentials as a Username.
  3. Enter your Password. Your password has 10 characters containing Lower case letters, Upper case letters, and numbers.
  4. Click on the “Sign In” button.

Now, you can access your electronic documents, such as pay stubs and w2 statements, and other personal and contact information. You can view or print your documents and update your information according to your need.

Reset your Password: If you need to reset your password, then you can reset it through the “Reset my password” link under the “Need help signing in?” option from the Sign-in page providing your “Email” or “Username.”

Unlock your Account: If your account is locked for any reason, then you can unlock it through the “Unlock my account” link under the “Need help signing in?” option from the Sign-in page providing your “Email” or “Username.”

Disclaimer: The Kwik Trip and the Kwik Trip logo are the trademarks and copyrighted works of Kwik Trip, Inc.

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