KFC (KBP Foods) Pay Stubs & W2s

KBP Foods is a privately held franchise company that is growing very fast with a mission to uphold a passion for excellence. This company is dedicated to creating the ultimate customer satisfaction with the service by the modest and well-trained employees in a fast-paced and well-decorated environment that shows the company’s values and responsibility. Besides, it is a socially responsible, integrity-driven company, and overall trying to develop every day gradually. In this way, KBP Foods is one of the top 10 fastest-growing restaurant chains and the top 100 fastest-growing businesses in the United States. Nowadays, KBP Foods runs the business by operating KFC and YUM Brands restaurants in more than 600 locations in over 23 states of the United States. All the Employees (working in these restaurants of this company) are provided their pay stubs, w2 statements, and other benefits via InfoSync payroll service on the UltiPro portal https://infosync.ultipro.com.

How to Login?

Navigating to the portal’s log-in page with the link https://infosync.ultipro.com with a network-connected device, you can log in by inputting your credentials as User Name and Password. After a successful login attempt with the correct user name and password, your Dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen will appear so that you can view and print your pay stubs and w2 statements. Besides, you can also manage your personal information, contact information, and other benefits.

Initial Log-in process for First-Time Users?

Navigating to the portal’s log-in page with the link:https://infosync.ultipro.com, first enter your User Name and Initial Password, then click on the login button for your initial login. Your User Name is your Last Name + the First initial of your First Name + the Last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). Suppose you are James Smith, and your SSN is 12456789. So, your User Name will be smithj6789. Your Initial Password is your birthdate following the MMDDYYYY format. Suppose your birth date is 2 August 1980; your initial password is 08021980.

You have to change your Initial Password from the password changing screen, where you will be navigated automatically. Requirements for the new password will be provided on the screen. You follow the screen instructions properly.

Then you have to answer 3 challenge questions for your security purpose. Please select and answer 3 questions one by one from the dropdown list.

At last, you will be able to see your dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen. With the Menu bar from the screen’s left-top, you can get your desired information and documents with specific options and view, download, or print those documents.

Retrieve your Forgotten Password

You can retrieve or reset your forgotten password with the ink “Forgot Your Password?” from the login page. In this case, you need to input your User name and Company access code (Please collect your company access code from your employer or HR office).


For any problem you may face to log in to this portal, you can contact via email at ulti.support@issvc.com or make a call at 855 285 1198.



43 thoughts on “KFC (KBP Foods) Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. i can’t access KBP Connect on my personal computer or phone. It can only be accessed on the computer at work and I need to print copies of my paystubs for an appointment. This has been very disapointing, I have uninstalled and reinstalled to app several times and gotten no where. why offer it if it doesn’t work? Total disappointment.

    1. I have never in my life been so disrespected place it beyond filthy manager needs fired today i have plenty of photos also only problem is its like nobody cares but i will eventually be herd.

  2. Worst experience of my life missing hrs forced out due to my complaints on health and saftey issues i need information on how to obtain my total hrs i been asking EVERYBODY for almost 2months now.

  3. I’m trying to get my W-2 form from the KFC that I worked at before I joined the military and I can’t seem to get in contact with anyone at the store to get it and apparently you need to use one of the computers at work to access your w-2. If you can email ways to get my W-2 form that would be amazing.

    with great pleasure,
    Mr. Gomez

  4. I’m trying to get my W-2 form form the KFC I had worked at, and no one is answering me. If someone can please email me them that would be great.

  5. I got my w-2 form in the mail….. it is missing Federal income tax withheld. Everything else looks right……. just nothing in box 2. Please send me a new statement.

  6. I need my w2 They sent it to the old address I needed to update my address or send it to me via email.

    1. I have been trying to get into my kbp account. I know my pass code. please if someone from the office could contact me back with a other way to get my pay stubs for last year, please email me at ( light3dark8@gmail.com) it would be much appreciated. thank you

  7. I need my w-2s from the KFC I worked at In Midland MI. ive called multiple time and all of the managers tell me it’s coming in the mail even when I tell them I have moved and need to change the address. So frustrating. Don’t understand how a place can do such a thing especially when it come to my taxes.

  8. Yes my name is Jennye Kemp and I work at the KFC 6700 outer loop. And no longer work there a day received my W-2s but it went to my old address and I would like to get another copy

  9. I didn’t make any changes to my account please inform me of any changes to my account I got a email saying that I made some changes but I didn’t.

  10. I am a former manager for the KFC in Weatherford Texas. Me and 2 of my previous employees, Tiffany Seaman and Kelsey Butler have yet to receive our W2’s. If you could please get back to me ASAP! I will give you their emails when we talk. Thank you again

  11. I need my W2 for 2021 please respond to me and as soon as possible. If I fail to file my taxes and run into issues with the IRS I will be holding KFC legally responsible for it.

  12. I would like my W2 can’t sign into the stupid kbp connect email me my W2 or resend it why can’t corporate seem to help me since Martinsville Indiana store would not attempt to help can’t believe I’ve been trying to get a W2 so I can file for weeks

  13. Ism looking for my w2 2022 on how to get them. When I started off as a shift manager. I never got this app or anything.

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