Cracker Barrel Pay Stubs & W2s

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. was founded with a unique idea to provide an environment with a friendly home-away-from-home in its restaurants and stores where customers can enjoy authentic home-style foods and shopping in parallel and a unique way with lots of fun at a reasonable price. People have appreciated this thinking and the way of serving food. Travelers and local communities are served delicious, home-style country food with welcoming warmth and excellent care in a friendly environment. Besides, old country retail stores are offering unique gifts and self-indulgences. It has become a large restaurant and retail store chain with 659 locations in 45 states in the United States, having the people’s trust for almost five decades. Many employees play the most important role in this success. Employees are provided their pay stubs and w2 statements in detail electronically via the Online Wage Statements portal with this link: for the Cracker Barrel employees.

How to Login?

As a Cracker Barrel employee, you can log in to this Online Wage Statements portal by navigating to the login page, following the portal link, and providing your login credentials, Username, and New Password.

Forgot Your Password?

You can retrieve your forgotten password from the login page with the “Forgot Your Password?” link. You have to provide your Username to retrieve your password.

View / Print / Download your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements:

After login into this portal successfully, it will show you the last pay statement with detailed information. You can Print and Save or download it as a PDF with the specific option from the top right corner of the screen.

Your previous pay statements are available under the Wage Statements menu. There is a list of all your previous pay statements; you can get your desired pay statements from the list.

You can get your W2 statements in detail for the previous 5 years under the Tax Documents menu. To get specific w2 statements, you have to click on that specific year.

New or First Time User? Complete Initial Login process:

For your Initial login, provide your Username and Password after navigating to the login page with this link:

Your Username is your Employee ID, and your Initial Password is the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).

After the Initial login to this portal, you have to change your Password, and a Password changing screen will appear on the screen. Follow the screen’s requirements and instructions properly for creating a strong password. After changing your password, the last pay statement will be shown on the screen.


66 thoughts on “Cracker Barrel Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. I am trying to log on so I can get a copy of my pay stubs and I don’t remember my log in information. Can you please hep?

    1. Cracker Barrel don’t care about their previous , tried several times in person , left several times messages no response either , now we are going to have to pay late penalty charge as we can’t file our tax on time.

      We went to Local IRS office and informed them of our experienced in trying to get a copy of our 2022 W- 2 tax.

      Are employer required to provide present or previous emplyees their yearly W-2 tax info.

      I will see if anyone in the local or Federal goverment officials , please help us to see what we can do to get some help!!

  2. As an Employee for almost a Year,,Ive got to say that Cracker Barrels Websites SUCK!!!! You have to have different passwords to do anything,,and I STILL CANT FIND WAGE STATEMENT!!!

  3. I need my w-2s. I am a former employee. I need to get my taxes done. my employee number is 1809706. how do I do this to get my w2s?

  4. I work for cracker barrel been trying to get my layoff slip. Manger informed me we have to do it on the front porch app. Alot of workers can’t get app cause it won’t work. So what do we do! My employee num is 1862312. I love my job and store there great. I will be going back when we open back up. But till then I have to do something thank u

  5. Hi my name ladry I use to work for y’all company a couple months ago but I never received a W-2 form and I don’t remember my login information can you help me please

  6. Former employee and I have not received my w2 and no longer can log into the Cracker Barrel front porch app. Please email me a copy or send in the mail

  7. I cant remember my employee I’d I need to get my W2 my address has changed to p.o box 232 Decatur tenn 37322 please help thanks

  8. Guys anyone trying to get W2 as a former Cracker Barrel Employee for those trying to get W2 or just simply trying to log in Here are the steps. #1 forgotten passwords ID or etc. Ask your ETC or manager to reset or check what your ID is. To log in to get your W2 paystub or etc go to:

    With the log info your manager provided log in and click
    The 3 bars on the corner and click Tax documents and your W2 will be provided. Your Welcome

  9. I am a former employee at Cracker Barrel and cannot remember the login information but I need a copy of my W2 ASAP how do I get it

  10. Hi. I moved and so I never received my W2s for 2020. Thank you. You can email them to me at:
    My mailing address is : Susan Waddell 9 Sagebrush Downs, Park City, MT 59063 My phone number: 406-570-1554.
    Thanks so much !

  11. Hi,I’m a former employee and I’m trying to get my W-2 which I never received.Could you please help me?

  12. I don’t have a tax document menu how do I get my w2 I’m tired of the run around and no one answering phone

  13. Can’t figure out my employee number. Tried calling the number I was given but that was no help. What do I do??

  14. I can’t remember my employee number it’s been 6/months and I need my W 2 sent to me. I’m locked out of the account.

  15. I need my pay stubs from January 2022 I feel as though my w2 is incorrect please reach back out to me so I can fix this issue

  16. As I see many are having the same issue, I am a former employee (manager) and I do not have my user name to even try to reset a password. I need my W2 and cannot seem to get in touch with anyone.

  17. I am a former employee (manager) and I do not have my user name to even try to reset a password. I need my W2 and cannot seem to get in touch with anyone.

  18. I followed the prompts I put in my ID and my password and it says it doesn’t have my information I’m a former employee and it’s not letting me sign in and I cannot get a hold of anybody in HR or at my old store

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