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How to Access Associated Food Stores Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Science has brought happiness and prosperity to our lives and made our daily life dynamic. By harnessing the benevolent power of science, guided by good intellect, man has brought blessings in all spheres of life. For example, earlier, the human resource department and payroll departments of all the big multinational companies in the world used to manage everything manually. All the personal or job-related information had to be manually stored by filling in the form. Pay Stubs (bi-weekly or monthly) and W2s (at the end of the year) were manually prepared and distributed to the employees in paper format. The companies had to hire an additional workforce and spend extra money. But with the blessing of science, today, all the human resources department work is done automatically in less time through self-service to employees on the same platform at a meager cost. That’s why there are now a variety of online self-service portals available for employees to access and receive electronic pay stubs and W2s on time. Afstores (Associated Food Stores) is a wholesale distributor of over 500 independently owned retail supermarkets with over eight decades of experience in the American wholesale industry. This old company has started using CyberPay Online Employee Self-Service Portal, a modern online human resource and payroll management system for all its employees, ditching all previous manual methods.

Access to CyberPay Online Employee Self-Service Portal

  • All companies using CyberPay’s online payroll or self-service portal are assigned a four-digit “Company Code” and a unique URL to access the portal. Employers provide these to all recruits with their Employee Numbers. But if anyone has not received or forgotten, those can be known from the Employer or Payroll Admin.
  • As a new Afstores employee, visit the login page through the CyberPay Online Employee Self Service Portal Access URL ( provided to you by the Employer. Click on the “New User” tab next to “Log in” and “Submit” your company code, your name (Separating first and last name), and the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). In the field of “Name,” please enter your name exactly as it is on file with Afstores or on your last pay stub, and if you have already received a pay stub, it will also contain your four-digit company code. On the next screen, provide your email address, create your Login Name, create a password and type it again in the last input box and “Submit.” Here, instead of creating a new login name, you can input your email again and use it as a Login Name.
  • If the registration process is done, you will get a Successful Message on the screen and be taken to the login screen. Now you will get access to the dashboard after completing your Login process by providing your Login Name and Password.

View your Pay Stubs & W2s: CyberPay Online Employee Self-Service Portal has separate tabs for “Pay Stubs” and “W-2s,” along with tabs for other information. Your most recent pay stubs or W2s remain at the beginning of the list in this portal. Click on any “Earnings Statement” under “Pay Stubs” to view details. And under the “W-2s” tab, documents are usually uploaded by January 31st.

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