ACE Hardware Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access ACE Hardware Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

In any company, at the end of the month, a lot of calculations and a lot of Excel sheets have to be prepared to calculate the employee’s salary, attendance, bonus, etc., and to deliver the Pay Stubs & W2s. It is time-consuming and makes it impossible to pay employees on time. The main reason for employee aversion to work is non-receipt of salary, bonus on time. And the HR department knows very well that employee aversion to work is detrimental to an organization. So payroll software will work to reduce these fears and create transparency among employees. The calculation will be done through automatic payroll software, saving time, and employees will get paid on time.

ACE Hardware is a nearly century-old company in the American retail hardware store industry, the world’s most significant hardware retail cooperative. It is also the largest non-grocery retail cooperative in the United States, with more than 5,200 retail stores in nearly 70 countries worldwide. Although it was established after World War I, it gained incredible success after World War II. This company uses Ceridian Self-Service portal for payroll processing for their large workforce. Ceridian Self-Service portal is a web-based payroll software that everyone, from employers to employees of any company, can access and manage data according to their respective roles.

The Ceridian Self-service portal authority provides a separate access link for each company. It is delivered to the employees by the HR department, payroll office, or employer after hiring its workforce. If you have not yet gotten or lost the access link assigned to your company, collect it. After hiring you, your Username and Password will also be provided to you by the HR department, the payroll office, or the employer. As there is no way for employees to complete their registration process on this portal, employers or system administrators enter their data into the system after hiring employees.

Login Process:

  • Login to the portal to access your Pay Stubs & W2s. To log in, first visit the designated access link for ACE Hardware. Then reach the portal’s homepage by logging in with your username and password.
  • The system will direct you to change the password after the first login. After changing the password, the system can provide instructions to update any information or set up settings according to your company’s customization in the portal. In this case, it is only essential to understand the onscreen instructions and execute them properly.
  • Then finally, you will reach the Ceridian homepage. Here you can explore Personal Information, Payroll & Tax Information, Company Information, Benefits, Training, etc.
  • Pay Stubs: Clicking on “Earnings Statement” in the “Payroll & Tax Information” section on the homepage will display a list of your pay stubs with check numbers and check dates. Then you can click on any check number to see the details, and if you want to view the check offline in the future, you can also download and save it. You can also print if you have a printer connected to your computer.
  • W2s: This company usually distributes W2 forms after mid-January. Most of the years on 18th January are uploaded on the Ceridian Self-service portal. Those who want to receive the hard copy by first-class mail must wait several days. Ceridian usually handles all document delivery for organizations that use Ceridian’s services. Ceridian arranges for the W2s to be mailed to their home address for employees who wish to receive W2s offline or by postal mail.

Disclaimer: The Ace Hardware and Ace Hardware logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Ace Hardware Corporation.

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