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Ford Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

Ford Employees: Pay stubs are not generated. Online pay stubs are available to all associates. You can access the web portal from any internet connected PC or mobile device. Log onto HR Online portal to view your pay information for specific pay period and year-end tax statement. Your current pay stubs can be accessed on this portal in the day before the pay is deposited to your pay card or bank account. And the pay stubs will be available for 1 month, and W2s for five years. You will also setup and update direct deposit account, but you are fully responsible to verify your bank account that funds are available to withdraw. Form W2 will be delivered via mailed and online by January 31st of each year.

How to Access Online:

To log into the Ford HR Online system go to: https://www.hronline.ford.com

You are then presented with a log in page. All employees will need to log in and create a new password if you are a new employee. So if you have CDS ID and password, login using this ID and password.

If you do not have CDS ID and password, click on the Click Here link. This will link to eligibility verification page.

This will be ask to enter your Last name, Social security number and joining/hire date and year. And Click on Submit. If your entered information doesn’t match with server record, you need wait until activated of your health care benefits or one month.

You will get a system’s assigned CDS ID and you need to create a password.

Now click on Login link and login with your CDS ID and password.

Set up your contact information: email address, phone number etc. you have also the option to receive email alerts when your pay stubs and w2s are ready to view.

Select and answer the five of security questions. Once logged in, you will be able to view and print of your pay stubs and form W2. For further information about W2, you can email to pw2help@ford.com. If you require assistance logging in or others issue, contact corporate help desk at 1-888-317-4957.


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