Pilot Travel Center W2s

Pilot Travel Center W2s

Pilot Travel Centers is an American petroleum company and operates truck stops, petrol pumps, convenience stores, and restaurant chains. The company owns 50.1 percent of Pilot Flying J, the largest truck stop chain in the United States. Founded in 1958, the Pilot Travel Centers is currently headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. There are now more than 550 locations across the United States. In all, the company currently has more than 19,000 employees. However, in this article, we will discuss how Pilot Travel Centers staff can access their W2s form.

  • How to access the tax form?

Pilot Travel Centers distributes tax forms to their former and current employees and has been using the new web self-service portal since 2020 to spread employee tax forms. So how employees will access their tax forms is discussed below.

  • This guideline applies to current employees accessing tax forms for 2021 and beyond

Employees currently working at the Pilot Travel Centers will be able to access their tax form from the Infor Self Service Portal. To access the Infer Self Service Portal, visit this https://infor.pfjtoday.com/ web address and log in with the IT office’s user ID and password. Because you can only access your tax form after logging in, however, if you have any problem related to your login, you can reset your password or unlock your account by calling this technology number 865 474 4357 of the Technology Solution Center.

However, if you want to access Pilot Travel Centers’ Inferior Service Portal from your personal computer or mobile device, you must use the two-factor authentication and Citrix receiver application. Once your login is complete, click “Year to Date” to view the tax form.

  • This instruction applies to former employees accessing tax forms for 2021 and beyond

If you are a former employee of the Pilot Travel Centers, you will need to access the 2021 Tax Form Documents Self Service Portal. First visit the Pilot Company’s Document Self Service website, whose web address is https://edocs.pilotcompany.com/Auth/Login/. Then complete the registration and login. Click on the “Register User” link to register, and this link is below the “Login” button. You will need your Employee ID number and the last three numbers of the Social Security number, and an email address to register.

Once the registration is complete, enter your user ID and password, select “MHC Knowledge-Based Authentication,” and then login.

After logging in, click on the “W-2” sub-menu under the “My Documents” menu to access your W-2 form in Web Delivery. If you have selected the email delivery option, you will receive a password-protected W-2 form via email. However, suppose you have not set your document delivery settings when completing the registration process. In that case, you can select the web delivery or email delivery option for your tax form by clicking on “My Delivery Settings.”

  • This guideline applies to accessing tax forms for 2020 and earlier

To access tax forms for 2020 and earlier, visit the Pilot Travel Center’s previous self-service portal and enter your employer number, the first and last part of your name in uppercase letters. Then enter the year of birth and the final four digits of SSN and click on the “Submit” button. You will then be able to access tax forms for 2020 and beyond. The web address of the former Self Service Portal of Pilot Travel Centers is https://www.pilottravelcenters.com/Login/Employee_Login.aspx.    

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