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Wise Staffing make associate resources available to all its associates at work and at home that means online. Through Wise eOffice online employees are able to view their check stubs, current assignment and job board, add or update W-4 information, time sheet entry and much more. On the other hand, year-end tax statement (Form W2) are available through MyeW2 self-service portal. According to your payroll office, current year’s W2 will be available in the last week of following January (no later than 31st January), and all associate will be paid weekly on Friday and direct deposit method is mandatory to receive your earning, only the first pay check will be a live check. If you do not have a bank account, you can sign up for payroll card.

Accessing pay stubs
To login into Wise Electronic Office, open your web browser and type the following url in the address bar: http://www.wiseeoffice.com/ebiz/php/index.php
Click on Applicant Services, this will be requested to Login.
Enter your Email ID and password click on Connect.
First time users: Contact with your local Wise Staffing office to obtain email ID and password to initial login. You will be prompted to change your initial password when login for first time.
Once you have logged in to Wise eOffice account, click on Payroll Check Inquiry. Then you will be required to select a date to view your check stub.

Accessing W2s
Form W2 will be available online on My Electronic W2 website by January 31st of each year. You can also view and print your historical W2s that available from 2013 to present. To access your W2 online, follow the following instructions:
1. Open your web browser and enter the following url in address bar: https://www.myew2.com/index.php?spcl1=wisestaff
2. Enter your social security number and zip code (last registered mailing address) and captcha code then click on Click to view your W2.
3. If you are experiencing problems viewing your W2 online or need help, Contact with your local Wise Staffing office.

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