Variety Wholesalers Pay Stubs & W2s

Variety Wholesalers consist of Maxway Stores, Super 10, and Rose Discount Stores. The company was founded in 1930 by the Pope family, with a few small retail stores. Then, in 1970, the company became a large group of companies, buying several retail chains, including the Rose and Maxway stores. The organization’s current CEO is Art Pope, and it is headquartered in Henderson, North Carolina. There are more than 450 stores, including Maxway, Super Ten, and Rose Discount Stores. All these stores have more than 7500 employees. So if you work at any of Variety Wholesalers’ outlets – Maxway Stores, Super Ten, or Rose Discount Store – this article will help you get your pay stubs and W-2 statement-related services. This article’s main point discusses how Variety Wholesalers’ employees will access pay stubs and tax forms online. Let us now discuss the main topic directly.

How to access Variety Wholesalers Pay stubs and W-2 online?

Variety Wholesalers contracts with Paystub Portal to distribute pay stubs to their employees. Paystub Portal is a First Data Corporation organization that processes various companies’ payrolls and distributes pay stubs and tax forms electronically. So employees of Variety Wholesalers, whether current or former employees, can access their pay stubs and tax forms from the paystub portal. An employee can only access his/her documents. Both the pay stub and tax form documents can be found on the paystub portal. However, newly hired employees will have to wait for at least one pay period, meaning that they will access their paystub portal account after receiving the first salary. How to access the Pay-Stub portal is discussed below.

  • First of all, if you are new to Paystub Portal, you will need your date of birth, SSN, and Employee ID number to register. Your employee ID is printed on the paper pay stub.
  • Paystub Portal’s designated web address for Variety Wholesalers is No matter what, you want to log in or register
  • If you have not completed the registration before, then complete the registration process first. The registration process for the Paystub Portal is straightforward. You can start the registration process by clicking on the “Register Now” link on the right. So click on the “Register Now” link.
  • Now enter your employee ID, date of birth (month and day only), and last three digits of SSN and click on the “Submit” button. You may proceed to the next step, subject to verification of the information stored on the system with your submitted information. If the data matches, create the PIN in the next step; otherwise, re-enter your correct information.
  • Enter a four-digit PIN of your choice. You can only use numbers in the pin. Save the PIN for future reference because your PIN information is not stored with anyone else. Your account may be blocked if you enter the wrong PIN four times in a row. However, if you forget your PIN in any way, you can create a new PIN again using the “Forget Your PIN” link.
  • Once the PIN has been created, log in with your employee ID and PIN.
  • Now you can see your pay stubs by clicking on the “View Pay Stub” tab. However, when you log in, the latest pay stub can be seen in the account dashboard.
  • Click on the “W-2 Forms” tab to view the W-2 form. However, consent must be provided for this. You can also attach your email ID and phone number to receive notifications by clicking on the “Email and Text Message” tab.


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  1. Hi,my name is Giovanni Vasquez…I worked with Eastridge in 2019 and like to see if the agency have a copy of my w2 from 2019…you can reach me at (760)543-4856

  2. I need a copy of my check stub for 4-16-21. There are several benefits I receive which this information for proper adjustments. I need this information for an appointment scheduled for 4-28-21 @ 9:00 am. Sincerely, Tammy

  3. Need check stubs for time worked. Have tried online portal link but it says my information is invalid when in fact I enter the right ID number. Please email me asap

  4. I need My W-2 I am no longer with Roses and not sure how to go about getting my W-2 so please let me know ,it has not came in the mail yet and I have the same mailing address as I put on there when I was working..please someone respond and let me know. Thank you in advance …..

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