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McLaren Health Care Corporation, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan, is an integrated $6.6 billion healthcare system serving Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. With 14 hospitals, ambulatory surgery, and imaging centers, and a 490-member physician network, McLaren covers over 732,000 lives through its commercial and Medicaid HMOs. It operates Michigan’s largest network of cancer centers, led by the Karmanos Cancer Institute, a distinguished National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center. It employs over 28,000 individuals and partners with 113,000 network providers. McLaren’s Graduate Medical Education program, associated with Wayne State University, Michigan State University, and Central Medical University, offers 27 residencies and eight fellowship programs across six campuses, training over 650 future physicians annually. The programs are managed centrally by the Department of Academic Affairs. However, not all organizations at MacLaren Healthcare have the same payroll system. This article will discuss in detail how employees of McLaren and its various subsidiaries access their pay stubs and tax forms.

How to Access Mclaren Health Care Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

The payroll system is the same for all McLaren Health Care locations outside McLaren Port Huron. They mainly use the ADP system to distribute W2 forms. However, active employees will be able to access ADP through Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud System, where no additional login is required. On the other hand, those ex-employees have to access the W2 form directly by visiting the ADP self-service portal.

Easy Access for Active Employees

If you’re an active employee, you can directly access ADP through the Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud System without the need for any additional logins.

Steps to Access Your Documents

Launch the Portal: Begin by heading over to the My HR website at The My HR Shortcut might be readily available on your desktop if you’re on a McLaren computer.

Choose Your Network: Here, you will notice separate networks. If you’re associated with MDwise, select it. Everyone else can choose McLaren.

Logging In: This part requires you to sign in using credentials based on the network you’re linked to:

  • Use the email and password you employ to sign into your computer.
  • If you’re associated with McLaren, type the McLaren computer login username and follow your password.
  • For MDwise employees, input the mdwise computer login username and your password.

Enable Secure Verification: As a first-time user, a prompt for Secure Verification will appear. Click on “Enable Secure Verification” for enhanced security.

 Completion of Verification: You should see a message stating “Successfully Enrolled.” Click on “Done” to proceed.

Identity Confirmation with Duo: As an additional security measure, you’ll need to confirm your identity using Duo.

Accessing MyHR: Now, input your current MyHR credentials (like your computer login). Voila! You’re now inside the portal.

Navigating to Your Financial Details: For your pay stubs, search for the “Payroll” app icon. If you’re looking for W2s, the ADP ipay app icon is your destination. Remember, to access online records of your pay and tax statements, and you must consent first.

What About Ex-Employees?

If you’ve previously worked at McLaren Health Care, you don’t have to go through the Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud System. Instead, access your W2 form directly by visiting the ADP self-service portal at

How to Access Mclaren Port Huron Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

Being a part of McLaren Port Huron means that the management ensures that all your necessary employment-related documents are accessible with ease. In the age of digitization, no more waiting for your Pay Stubs or W2s in the mail. You can now securely access them online through the “Print Freedom” portal. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Step 1: Open the Portal

Navigate to the URL using any PC with an Internet connection.

Step 2: Inputting Credentials

  • Access ID: Enter the dedicated McLaren Port Huron Access ID. This remains consistent with MPH.
  • Username: This would be akin to the usual computer login provided by MPH. An example of the format is ABC12345. Notably, the username isn’t case-sensitive.
  • Password: For first-time users, the password will be the last four digits of your social security number. Once logged in, changing this password is highly recommended for security reasons. This password, unlike the username, is case-sensitive.

Step 3: Accessing Pay Stubs

  • Click on the My PayStubs option.
  • Click on the relevant Pay Date you want to view from the list. To view these documents, ensure that Adobe Reader is installed on your PC.
  • An added layer of security is that these documents are password protected. In this case, the password is also the last four digits of your social security number.

Step 4: Accessing W2s

  • Before diving into accessing the W2 forms, you first need to provide electronic access consent.
  • Click on W‐2 Consent.
  • Then, select “Accept Consent.” This is a mandatory step to either print or email your W‐2 form. The portal provides a clear and easy-to-follow Quick Reference Step‐by‐Step guide on the right-hand side for additional guidance.
  • Once the consent is given, and after the W‐2s have been generated, you can click “Print My W2” or “Email my W‐2” to access your W2 form. The subsequent instructions are straightforward.

For any confusion, call the MHC Compliance HOTLINE: 866-MHC-COMPO

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