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I guess, you people are feeling very proud being a part as employee of Lowe’s Company, Inc. because this company is the second largest hardware chain operating company in the United States as well as globally also where more than 310000 employees are employed in more than 2390 home improvement and hardware stores for serving almost 18 million customers in a week. I am also feeling proud to be able to help the employee community of such a reputable company by writing something. By this way I am not advertising for your company but telling what is true. The main thing is that, you are finding information about your pay stubs and w2 statements. You might know that Lowe’s Company, Inc. is providing payroll related information as pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via Online Lowes Employee portal for the current employees. And former employees can have their w2 statements via Tax Form Management portal. I will discuss both in details separately.

Pay Stubs and W2 Statements Online for Current Employees:

Lowe’s Company, Inc. is operating a web portal for the employees as Online Lowe’s Employee Portal from where you can manage your paystubs, taxes, benefits and personal information. The current employees can have this service. You will not be able to create an account or there is no self-registration process for the employees but you can collect log in credentials as sales number and password from your supervisor or a human resource department member. Nevertheless, there is available a link for retrieving your forgotten password.

You can get access to this (https://lius.myloweslife.com/wamapps/wamlogin/loginEx_sso.jsp) portal with providing your log in credentials as sales number in the first text box and password in the second text box through a web browser using any network connected devices as laptop, computer or smart phone.

After getting access to the portal you will be able to find your payroll information as a summary of your earnings for a certain period including tax withholding information for every pay stub. You are also able to manage your w2 statements, medical insurance, retirement accounts, stock purchases and flexible spending accounts via specific options. You can make set up your direct deposit information from the link as “Update my direct deposit” on the left side of the page under My Wealth page.

W2 Statements for Former Employees:

Former employees of Lowe’s Company, Inc. can get their w2 statements via Tax Form Management Portal at this link www.mytaxform.com.

For getting access to this portal you have to complete step of login process.

Step 1: Provide your Employer Code as 11116 and click on Login>> button.

Step 2: Enter 10 digit number compromising “9” following your SSN (Social Security Number) and PIN (Personal Identification Number).

If you cannot remember your PIN then you can retrieve or reset via a link or feature as “Forgot your PIN?”

New User?

If you are a new user or never logged in this site then you have to log in this portal with an initial PIN and your initial PIN is a 8 digit number creating from your last 4 digits of SSN + Your birth date as MMYY. Example: Your SSN is 123456789 and birthdate is 23 January, 1992 then your PIN will be 67890192.

After your initial login you have to change your PIN and set up your account with answering some security questions and providing your personal and contact information.

You can contact at 1 888 481 5721 if you have any question or face any problem.



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  1. Fred Irvin Walters  |  

    This Fred I Walters, Sr. I worked for Lowe’s at the Naples, FL Store and need to get a copy of my W- 2 for 2019. I began in March and left in November. My wife was transferring to Alabama and I stayed behind to sell our house. While packing her stuff, my W2 is somewhere in her items and she cannot locate it. My birthdate is 11/16/1948 my last 4 SSI #’s are 9293. My sell phone # is 228.263.1436. My email is frediwsr@msn.com. If you can send me and electronic copy I suppose that will do. I need to file taxes this week as our house has finally sold. I will be going back to work for Lowe’s once I relocate in 6 weeks. Thanks. Fred Walters

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