How to Access Panera Bread Hamra Enterprises Pay Stubs & W2s

Hamra Enterprises, a Missouri-based company founded in 1975 by the Hamra family, has significantly expanded its presence in the hospitality industry. With a people-first approach, it operates in 11 states and is a franchisee of 190 restaurants, including Panera Bread, Caribou, Wendy’s, and Noodles & Company. Notably, its Panera Bread portfolio recently grew to 90 stores, following the acquisition of 24 outlets from CSC Investments across Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee. This expansion also brought over 800 CSC employees under Hamra Enterprises, increasing its workforce to over 7,400. Committed to quality service and community engagement, the company supports various philanthropic endeavors and operates the Hamra Employees Emergency Fund to aid its staff. Hamra Enterprises is part of Panera Brands, which includes Panera Bread and Caribou Coffee, both managed by JAB Holding. As of April 2023, Hamra plans to open 24 Caribou Coffee locations in Missouri, reflecting its ongoing growth and commitment to excellence in the hospitality sector. This article will discuss how employees of Panera Bread franchises under Hamra Enterprises can access their pay stubs and tax forms.

Accessing Panera Bread Hamra Enterprises Pay Stubs and W-2 Forms Through Ultipro

For employees of Hamra Enterprises, UltiPro serves as an all-in-one Employee Self‐Service site, offering a range of functionalities to manage personal and professional information efficiently.

Key Features and Access

  • Personal Information Management: Employees can review and update critical personal details, ranging from contact information to W4 tax forms.
  • Policy Acknowledgement: New and updated company policies and procedures are available for employees to acknowledge, ensuring everyone is up-to-date with organizational changes.
  • Time-off Management: UltiPro allows requests for vacation or sick leave, streamlining the process of time-off approvals.
  • Benefits Administration: Employees have the option to enroll in or waive benefits as per their eligibility, providing an appropriate way to manage health and welfare plans.
  • Team Management Tools: For those in supervisory roles, UltiPro provides functionalities to approve requests and manage team-related activities.

Accessing UltiPro

UltiPro is accessible via various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring ease of access for employees on the move. The web address for logging in is

Login Credentials and Setup

  • Username: The first eight letters of the employee’s last name plus their date of birth (e.g., Santos07041973 for Sandra Santos).
  • Temporary Password: The initial of the first name, the initial of the last name, and the zip code (e.g., SS65714 for Sandra Santos).
  • After the initial login, employees are prompted to create a regular password and select three challenge questions for enhanced security.

Navigating the UltiPro Interface

The homepage of UltiPro contains announcements, links, and documents posted by the employer and ProService. A menu bar at the top provides navigation to various sections of the website.

Accessing Pay Stubs and Tax Documents

  • Pay Stubs: Available from the Home page or under ‘Myself/Current Pay Statement,’ with options to download or print from the Statement screen.
  • Tax History and W-2 Forms: The ‘Pay/Income Tax’ tab offers a view of tax history. W-2 forms are accessible under ‘Pay/W-2’ for the appropriate year, with easy printing options.

Why does Panera Bread have separate self-service portals for employees to access pay statements and W2 forms?

For employees at a corporate cafe, the standard procedure for accessing workplace systems typically involves logging into platforms like ‘Pantry’ and ‘Workday.’ These platforms are commonly used for various tasks, including scheduling, inventory management, and payroll services. In contrast, the process may vary if you work at a franchise location. Given their more independent operational structure within a larger brand, Franchises often have unique tools and login protocols. This means your specific systems and methods can differ based on the franchise’s policies and the tools they prefer. Suppose you’re unsure about the correct login procedure for your workplace. In that case, you should seek guidance from your manager or the human resources department, whether a corporate cafe or a franchise. They can provide accurate information and steps tailored to your location.

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