Crown Staffing Pay Stubs & W2s

Crown Staffing, founded in 1968 by Chad Countiss, is a family-owned staffing agency with a strong presence across 14 states. Specializing in light industrial, office, and healthcare sectors, the company excels in matching character-driven professionals with businesses that require unique staffing solutions. With a team of skilled recruiters, Crown Staffing offers a comprehensive range of services, from job search assistance and resume writing to interview preparation and salary negotiation. The agency is committed to client satisfaction, prioritizing open communication and regular updates on candidate status. Guided by a mission to accelerate workforce development, Crown Staffing envisions itself as the premier provider of staffing solutions by addressing unique workplace challenges efficiently—the company’s core values center on building trustworthy relationships with clients, customers, and employees. However, since 2021, this organization has contracted with Tax Form Management to distribute W2 forms to employees. Below, I will try to present a brief discussion on how to access your pay stubs and W2 form from the Tax Form Management web portal as a Crown Staffing employee.

How to Access Crown Staffing Pay Stubs and W2s: A Step-by-Step Guide

According to the information from the local office of Crown Staffing, employees will be distributed their W2 Forms through Tax Form Management. Those who wish to access W2 forms online must register on the Tax Forms Management web portal and consent to the electronic delivery of W2. Otherwise, paper copies will be provided to them through postal mail. Crown Staffing always encourages employees to access the W2 form online, i.e., from, because there is no fear of losing your W2. It will be accessible before delivery by postal mail. Electronic W2 will be stored on the portal of Tax Form Management for three years. And even if Crown Staffing no longer employs you, you can still access your W2 Form from Tax Form Management’s web portal. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to retrieve your pay stubs and W2s from Crown Staffing using the Tax Form Management portal.

Navigating the Tax Form Management Portal

Follow these simple steps to access your pay stubs and W2s:

  • Visit the Official Site: Begin by heading to the Tax Form Management portal at
  • Employer Identification: Search for “Crown Staffing” using the employer code 12183, or type in “Crown Staffing” directly and click ‘Login.’
  • Register Your Account: If it’s your first time, click on ‘Register Now!’ followed by ‘Click here to register.’
  • Personal Details: Input your First and last Name, Social Security Number, and DOB, ensuring you adhere to the mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Address Information: Provide your Home Address, City, State, and Zip.
  • Contact Details: Add your Personal Phone and Email Address.
  • Verification Process: Opt for either Text or Voice verification to your provided phone number. After receiving a one-time passcode, input it for verification.
  • User ID Creation: Craft a unique User ID and ensure its availability.
  • Password Setup: Formulate and confirm a secure password.
  • Device Memory Selection: Choose if you want the device to remember your credentials.
  • Opting for Electronic Tax Form: Select online delivery for faster access to your tax forms. This includes both W2 and 1095c documents.
  • Consent to Disclosures: Read through the necessary disclosures and provide your consent.
  • Confirm Contact and Address Details: Ensure your email and address details are accurate.
  • Completion: A confirmation message will appear, signifying successful enrollment. You can test for system requirements to ensure compatibility.

With these steps completed, you’ll have immediate access to your Crown Staffing W2 and other tax documents.

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