Bealls Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

Bealls Inc., a family-owned retail corporation headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1915. The company started as a dry goods store called “Dollar Limit” and underwent various name changes before becoming Bealls Department Store. Over the years, it expanded and operated over 650 stores under different brands, including Bealls, Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet, Home Centric, and Rugged Earth Outfitters. In 2020, Bealls acquired the rights to the name nationwide and other brands from Stage Stores, and in 2022, they sold the rights to the Stage Stores chains to BrandX. The company experienced significant growth during Florida’s boom in the 1920s and continued to expand through the years. Bealls has a strong community focus, contributing to charitable foundations, providing scholarships, and supporting various causes, including Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society. In 2023, Bealls would be rebranded to Bealls Florida and Bealls, while Bealls Outlet & Burkes Outlet would be rebranded as “Bealls.” However, let’s discuss accessing employees’ pay stubs and w2s. According to the payroll office, Bealls Inc. does not currently offer online access to W2 forms, but employees can expect to receive their W2s at their last recorded mailing address. On the other hand, pay stubs are accessible online at the B.I. Online Associate Portal.

How to Access Bealls W2s

  • Bealls Inc. does not currently provide online access to employees’ W2 forms. However, there are plans for the company to introduce an online delivery facility in the future. In the meantime, employees must ensure that Bealls Inc. has their most up-to-date address information on file to receive their 2024 W2 forms on time.
  • If you were employed by Bealls Inc. or its subsidiaries in 2023, you would receive your W2 form at the last mailing address listed in your payroll record. In case of recent address changes or an employee has not received their W2 form, they are encouraged to contact the company’s payroll department at When contacting the payroll department, it is important to provide them with the following details: your full name, contact phone number, associate I.D. (identification number), current address, and the reason for your request. Including all the necessary information will help facilitate the process and ensure the payroll department can assist you effectively.
  • Bealls Inc. understands the significance of W2 forms for their employees and is working towards implementing an online delivery system to enhance convenience and accessibility. Until then, employees should stay proactive by updating their address information and promptly contacting the payroll department for any concerns regarding their W2 forms.

How to Access B.I. Online Associate Portal

The B.I. Online Associate Portal is a web-based system designed for Human Resources, Finance, and Administrative activities within the Bealls Family of Stores (Bealls, Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet, Home Centric, and Rugged Earth Outfitters), including its corporate offices and distribution centers. This portal is exclusively accessible to current staff members. The portal can also be accessed through the Oracle HCM Cloud mobile app, available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets to provide convenience and flexibility. Employees only see information relevant to their roles and responsibilities when accessing the portal. Users can access mobile-responsive features through a mobile device like a phone. On the other hand, if accessed through a tablet, classic and mobile-responsive features will be available.

To access the B.I. Online Associate Portal, employees can visit the website and locate the portal’s link in the footer section. Alternatively, they can directly access the portal by visiting the URL: In the event of a forgotten or compromised password, employees can reset their B.I. Online password by visiting the password reset page: Employees can contact their immediate supervisor or the corporate helpdesk if further assistance or information is required during the login process. Overall, the B.I. Online Associate Portal is a centralized platform for Bealls Family of Stores employees, facilitating various H.R., Finance, and Administrative tasks. By utilizing the portal or the Oracle HCM Cloud mobile app, employees can conveniently access the portal’s features and resources while ensuring the security of sensitive information.

How to Access Bealls Pay Stubs

  • Employees can follow a few simple steps to access Bealls’ pay stubs and other payroll-related information. Firstly, they need to visit the B.I. Online Associate Portal at They can sign in to the Oracle Application Cloud using their user ID and password. In case they don’t remember their password, they can reset it by visiting To reset the password, employees must provide their employee ID, the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN), and their birth date.
  • Once logged into the Oracle system, employees will be directed to their Home screen. From there, they can select “Pay” applications to access their pay stubs and other payroll-related information.
  • If employees encounter any issues with their pay stubs or have payroll-related inquiries, they can reach out to Bealls’ payroll department through email at Employees should include their name, contact phone number, associate I.D., and the reason for their inquiry in their email. The payroll team will respond as soon as possible.
  • Current staff at Bealls Family of Stores, corporate offices, and distribution center locations can also contact the Human Resources department by calling the Operator at 941-742-1940 during business hours.
  • By following these steps, Bealls employees can conveniently access their pay stubs and resolve any payroll-related queries they may have. The online portal and contact information provided by Bealls facilitate a smooth and efficient payroll management system for its employees.

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