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Aerotek Pay Stubs & W2s

This article gives an overview of the payroll system of Allegis group and its subsidiary. Aerotek, TEK system, Major Lindsey & Africa, Market Source are the subsidiary of this group. So this article will be discover-
How to retrieve Aerotek pay stubs and W2s
How to retrieve TEK system pay stubs and W2s
How to retrieve Major Lindsey & Africa employees pay stubs and W2s
How to retrieve Market Source pay stubs and w2s online
However, if you are an employee of Allegis group or its subsidiary company, you will retrieve your payroll information online. To retrieve online, you must complete the process for registering as a user in TALX paperless pay self-service portal. Follow this steps:

Step 1: If you want access with your PC or laptop, just open any internet browser and go to paperlesspay.talx.com/allegis
Step 2: Once at this site, simply click on “Click Here to Login”. If you are prompted to enter your Employer ID number then enter 10033. Be sure that you are receive Employee ID and PIN if you are new user.
Step 3: Enter your Employee ID and Click on Continue. Your Employee ID is your social security number and default PIN is your birth date mm/dd/yy.
Step 4: Enter your PIN number and Login.
Step 5: If you are new user, the system will present you with the update default PIN. If you are returning user, you’ll see account dashboard.
Step 6: The system will present six steps Risk based authentication for new user.
1. Select Yes if the uses PC is personal
2. Choose security image
3. Choose security question
4. Add phone number
5. Add Email address
6. Add contact information
Step 7: After you’ve registered successfully, you’ll be prompted to login with your new PIN. Then login and view your pay stubs and w2 from main menu. If needed help call at 1-800-367-5690.